Jul 022012

Even though we all know that certain things in life will happen no matter what, we cannot possibly be happy about them. This has mainly to do with our bodies – as we get older, our entire body starts to deteriorate and shut down, and while most people cope really well with aging and the imminent progression of life, there are some byproducts of this process we simply cannot come to terms with. Losing hair is certainly one of them for most men. Almost all men lose some portion of their hair throughout their lifetime, and while some might just get a slight receding hairline, others will go completely bald, some of them even at a young age. The hair loss process is genetic and individual, developing over time, but for the people who start going bald in their 20s, this can be a serious problem. If you are interested in finding out how to slow down the hair loss process, then Propecia is the ideal solution for you. Never heard of Propecia before? Stick with this article and soon you will know how to change your life for the better.

Of all the methods for stopping the hair loss process, when it comes to medication, Propecia is the most efficient and popular solution. Propecia’s story is pretty interesting, since the medication itself was developed after scientists discovered that some men in the Caribbean who have the genetic mutation, meaning they lack a certain enzyme (5-alpha-reductase) never lose their hair and never had an enlarged prostate. Scientists were curious and found out that inhibiting this enzyme meant people anywhere wouldn’t have to lose their hair. After years of research and development, the medication was finally ready and it was called Finasteride. One ‘version’ of the medication was used to treat prostate enlargement, while the other was named Propecia and is used to stop hair loss.

By telling you all this, we basically explained to you how Propecia works, and it is a pretty simple mechanism, in a sense. Propecia inhibits 5-alpha-reductase, which, as a result, initiates a chemical process in the body that will eventually lead to preventing the deterioration of hair follicles.

Propecia is a safe drug and there is really nothing to worry about, but this doesn’t mean you can just start taking it. Before using Propecia, make sure to consult your doctor, as the medication is really strong and can cause several negative side effects for men suffering from some genetic or other conditions. In any case, always be sure never to exceed the recommended dosage, as this won’t help stop the hair loss process more efficiently, but will only create a misbalance in your body.

Finally, once you obtain Propecia, make sure to keep it away from pregnant women and small children, as it could cause developmental issues, should it be ingested by them.

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